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    Solutionunlock which is a Web-based service provider for digital services mainly for Nigerian mobile technician and end-users and it is fully owned and managed by S-leader Arena.

    Using this service does not require too much of technical knowledge for getting started. But this article will guide you on few steps to get started.


    First thing to do if you want to use this serivce is to become an active member in few steps.

    1. Go to

    2. For mobile user: Click on the menu button at the top-right side of the homepage to show a drop down menu. Click on registration and fill the forms.
    For desktop users: Click on registration Button which is shown at the top bar after the page title.

    3. Confirm your registration by verifying the email message sent to you. Verification is done through clicking on a link in the message body of the email sent to you by solutionunlock.

    4. Now, it is time to fund your account. This is done via two ways.
    • Local transfer but you will be required to contact admin to manually add/update your fund into your account.
    • Online Method which is by gateways such as PayPal, Skrill or Credit Card but for now, Skrill is the current gateway available. Gateways are usually for customers abroad or any user who has an active available payment options.

    Once done, you are set to use any service.


    A kind of service needed falls into any of these 4 categories..

    IMEI services: IMEI services offer jobs such as Network unlock, IMEI check, unbarred-service, icloud unlock, buying of unlock codes on numerous devices etc.
    It is suitable for jobs that usually do not have direct unlock access that involves special GSM-softwares.
    It is also suitable to offer unlock/checks for customers anywhere in the world.

    Remote services: Remote service is another kind of service that involves a technician having secured access to your PC anywhere in the world using a special software. Such service includes Network Unlock, FRP unlock, flashing, security repairs on highly secured smartphones, account unlock and iCloud bypass.
    How does remote service work? It is simple. A free software is required for you to install so as to create secured connection between both PCs. Technician instruct you to connect device to your PC. When properly done, phone or PC will be virtually connected to technician's PC creating a scenario of physical connection to technician's PC.

    File based Services: This serivce differs from others because bytes of files are required to be uploaded to server for a job to commerce. For now, Nokia devices such as BB5 phones are unlocked using this cheap method. This service is usually cheaper than IMEI service when unlocking a Nokia phone. Special software is required to create files needed to be uploaded.

    Server services: This service is made specially for technicians only. It is a section that provide marketplace to activate, refill credits and buy special software or Premium accounts officially.
    Such service require submission of usernames for premium websites, serial number of special GSM-SOFTWARES and PC IDs.
    Eg, Samkey, chimera, z3x, credits to unlock samsung smartphones can be purchased in this section and also Halabtech/Easy-firmware account, Z3x pro activation, infinity Box [chinese miracle II] activation on Infinity-BEST, Renewal of Expired licenses to perfrom work on boxes dongles and account, like Chimera, Nck, Cm2 E.t.c

    Confused on choosing the right service? Admins not available to guide you? Don't worry, solutionunlock has an active forum on WhatsApp (Telegram coming soon). You can make any queries and get guidance by experienced members and partners of

    One reason to choose solutionunlock is the pricing moderate exchange rates!!!

    A trial will convince you!

    Courtesy of GeekZONE Concepts